The Sea Book
Biggest fish in the sea
A life on the ice
Plastic problems


DK Children, Feb 2019

A book about the amazing creatures that live in the ocean, their habitats,
and why they need protecting more than ever.

The Bee Book
Where does honey come from?
The life of a worker bee
How do honey bees talk?
Why do we need to help the bees?
Have a bee friendly garden


DK Children, Feb 2018

The Bee Book teaches children age 5 and up all about the life of a honey bee,
how much bees matter, why they are declining, and what we can do to help.

Shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards 2018 - Best Designed/Illustrated Book for Children

Food Explorer
Food map
Contents page
Passport comes with book
Introduction to French food
French recipe
Introduction to Chinese food
Facts about Chinese food
Chinese recipe
Introduction to Italy
Facts about Italian food
Introduction to Moroccan food
Moroccan recipe



A children's cookery book designed to inspire children to prepare and cook meals
whilst they learn about foods from around the world. The book opens up to find
a passport, as the reader progresses through the book they find a recipe for each
country. When these recipes are completed there are stickers imitating passport
stamps that can be stuck into the passport. 

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